Guns & Hoses Kicks Off The Red & Blue Brew Tour In Support Of All Call Kolsch

A beer that gives back. All Call is the latest addition to the Lakewood Brewing Company’s year-round lineup of beers. You can get All Call now (or request it) at your favorite restaurants and bars across North Texas, with a portion of every can sold coming straight the Guns & Hoses Benevolent fund to help support the families of fallen First Responders. 

To help continue to spread the word about the release of All Call, Lakewood Brewing Co. has teamed up with several restaurants, bars and tap rooms across North Texas for specialty pint nights, brew nights and even charity nights all benefiting the Guns & Hoses Foundation of North Texas.  

All Call is made for those who appreciate taste, quality, and integrity. It had a light and delicate aroma, a soft and malty body, and a clean finish, making it a beer that anyone can enjoy. A list of all dates, locations and events can be seen above. We hope to see everyone out to enjoy a great beer with an even greater cause.