Guns & Hoses Special Edition Joe Gibbs Performance Chevy Tahoe Gets A New Look

In 2010 the Guns & Hoses Foundation was presented with a special edition 2005 Joe Gibbs Performance Chevy Tahoe from an anonymous donor. After being wrapped in decals, the vehicle had become a rolling marketing piece for the foundation, allowing the foundation to put the vehicle on display at special events and fundraiser. 

 In April of 2016, a sever hail storm rolled through North Texas causing tremendous damage to the vehicle. After hearing about the damage, Lone Star 4x4 reached out the the Guns & Hoses Foundation to offer a donation that would give the Chevy Tahoe a brand new look. 

Riddled with over 600 dents, Lone Star 4x4 took the Chevy Tahoe, repaired the body damage and sprayed it in their exclusive, scratch resistant, high pressure exterior bedliner. Adding a custom touch, the Tahoe was split between the significant firefighters red and police officers blue to represent out commitment to these heroes. The Guns & Hoses Chevy Tahoe is back on the road  rolling from city to city with pride. If you see us out make sure to come say hello and take a pic of this awesome ride!