All applicants must be an amateur, (you may never have competed for money). If you have participated in a competition that offered money to the winners, but did not win any yourself, you no longer qualify as an amateur. Example: tough man competition. You must be a certified peace officer, fire fighter, or volunteer fire fighter. You must live or work for a department located in North Central Texas. 

*USA Boxing requires you to register with them every year.  

*Boxers are divided into age, weight, height, and skill level. Bouts will be three 1 minute rounds.  You will be boxing with 16oz gloves.

*You will be evaluated by someone with Guns and Hoses, at the Garland Police boxing gym located at:

101 N. 9th street, Garland, TX75040

This is in an attempt to match you as close as possible to someone of your equal skill level. Evaluations are done early in the training so that participates will know as soon as possible if they have a match.  You will be matched by your initial skill level. You have the ability to increase that level throughout the 2 month of training. This will depend on your time, dedication and training.

*An evaluation consists of 2 or 3 rounds of the mitts with a boxing coach.  You are being judged on aerobic ability, boxing skills, and or natural abilities. We attempted to match you with someone who shares your boxing style.

*We make all attempts to match boxers as close to weight, height, years of age, and skill level, as possible.

Not everyone that registers will get a match. We will have approximately 15-17 bouts. If you registered last year and did not receive a bout, we will make all attempts to match you this year, providing someone of your age, weight, height, and skill level registers.

All rules and regulations are sanctioned by USA boxing. All judging and scoring are done through USA boxing. Members of Guns and Hoses do not participate in any of the judging or scoring of the boxers, the night of the event. 

The application you fill out on line is not a registration form. It is only an application to register.  You will not fill out the official USA Boxing Registration forms until you have been matched with an equal opponent and selected for the event.  This is how the process goes. If you are interested in participating in this year’s guns and hoses boxing tournament, fill out the on line application. (take off pop up blocker)  Please make sure you include your e-mail address and a complete mailing address.  We will be accepting online applications May15 through June 30.  Evaluations will begin in July.  The exact dates for the evaluations will be sent to you by e-mail. (All correspondence is done by e-mail).

You will be notified by email when the evaluation dates have been confirmed.  The evaluations and matches will be complete in time for you to have your 2 full months of training. At the evaluations your will provided a mouth piece and hand wraps.  These are yours to keep. Wear sports attire and tennis shoes.