Deputy Sheriff Clifton L. Taylor proud served the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office for three years after dreaming all his life to work in law enforcement. Deputy Sheriff Taylor devoted his life towards serving those in need. He was committed to starting non-profit organizations to help child victims of violence as well as a Christmas bicycle program for the children. His fellow officers knew him as being a genuinely selfless young man, often volunteering to go in ahead of fellow officers saying, “Let me go first, you all have kids.”

Deputy Sheriff Taylor had a love for life that was shown through his love of humor and adventure. A bit of a daredevil, he once went skydiving just to prove he had no fear of heights. He enjoyed sports, fishing, jet skiing, motorcycles and video gaming. He loved to make others laugh, especially with his perfected imitations of both Presidents George Bush Jr. and Sr. One of his little known accomplishments was his ability to make some of the best popcorn ever.

On Saturday, April 23, 2011, Deputy Sheriff Taylor responded to his final call, a domestic disturbance near Venus. Upon arrival at the scene, as deputies searched the property for the male suspect, Deputy Sheriff Taylor opened the door to a shed near the property and was shot. He is survived by his parents, Randy and Rebecca, his devoted fiancé Rhonda, his brother Christopher and his sister Megan.