Officer Craig L. Shaw nobly served his community on the Lancaster Police Department for five years. A Dallas, Texas native, he worked as a jailer for the Dallas Marshall’s office from 1999-004 before joining the police force. Committed to keeping his community safe, he was a part of the multi-jurisdictional emergency response tactical unit, Southern Regional Response Group (SRRG) that served Dallas and Ellis counties. During his time with the Dallas Police Department, Officer Shaw earned many awards for going above and beyond the basic call of duty.

Known as the “Gentle Giant” for his 6 foot 4 inch frame, Officer Shaw was a devoted family man known as the peacemaker among those around him. He met his wife Tiwanda in 1990 and the two began their 13 year marriage in 1996. He and his wife were each other’s best friend and spent their time doing things as a family with their children, D’Andrea and Christopher, as well as a special date night once a month. Officer Shaw’s loving spirit touched all around him.

On June 20, 2010, Officer Craig Shaw and fellow officers responded to a call for a shooting at a local apartment community. Upon arrival, officers began searching for the suspect. As they approached him, he suddenly turned and opened fire, fatally wounding Officer Shaw. Another officer returned fire and killed the suspect. Officer Shaw is survived by his wife, Tiwanda; his children, D’Andrea and Christopher; his parents, Lee and Geraldine; sisters, Denise and Ashley; and brothers, Morris and Reginald.