Officer Dwayne FreetO always desired to serve his community and fulfilled that dream as a member of the Fort Worth Police Department for nine months. Officer Freeto grew up in Waco, Texas and joined the Army after studying Criminal Justice for two years. After serving for four years, he went back to school to achieve a degree in Computer Networking from TSTC.

Officer Freeto loved spending time with his beautiful wife, Karen, and two daughters Jordin and Jenna. He loved to play basketball and always spread his joy and love to those around him. Fellow officers remember him as never raising his voice and always being calm and understanding to others. Those who know him remember the joy he spread to others, most importantly to his daughters.

On Sunday December 17, 2006, Officer Dwayne Freeto was assisting a motorist with a flat tire when his patrol car was struck from behind, and killed Officer Freeto. He is survived by his wife, Karen; daughters, Jordin andJenna; parents, Carl and Linda; and brother, Chuck.