1. All USA Boxing Technical and Competition rules apply to these classifications, with the exception of those listed below: 

2. All Masters Boxers will be issued a yellow passbook upon registering with USA Boxing. 

3. Age Classification a. Men and Women Boxers ages 41 and above are categorized as Master Boxers. b. Boxers ages 35 to 40 shall declare age classification, Elite or Master, or both each year upon registration with USA Boxing. c. Once a Boxer ages 35 to 40 has declared as a Master they will no longer be eligible for the Elite division. 

4. Weight Classification a. Men: 108 lbs., 114 lbs., 123 lbs., 132 lbs., 141 lbs., 152 lbs., 165 lbs., 178 lbs., 201 lbs., 201+ lbs. b. Women: 106 lbs., 112 lbs., 119 lbs., 125 lbs., 132 lbs., 141 lbs., 152 lbs., 165 lbs., 178 lbs., 178 +lbs. 

5. Number of Rounds a. Boxers will be limited to boxing three rounds between one and two-minutes in duration. b. There will be one (1) minute rest between rounds 

6. Matched Bouts 

a. Age Differential 

i. The age difference between competitors shall be no more than ten (10) years younger or ten (10) years older. 

ii. Master boxers may not compete against boxers younger than 35 years of age. 

b. Weight Differential 

i. Men Weight Class (lbs.) Weight differential 108 lbs 8 lbs 114 lbs 8 lbs 123 lbs 8 lbs 132 lbs 8 lbs 141 lbs 10 lbs 152 lbs 10 lbs 165 lbs 10 lbs 178 lbs 15 lbs 201 lbs 15 lbs Over 201+ lbs No limit. 

ii. Women Weight Class (lbs.) Weight differential 106 lbs 8 lbs 112 lbs 8 lbs 119 lbs 8 lbs 125 lbs 8 lbs 132 lbs 10 lbs 141 lbs 10 lbs 152 lbs 10 lbs 165 lbs 15 lbs 178 lbs 15 lbs Over 178+ lbs No limit. 

7. Equipment a. Gloves and Headgear: 16 oz. gloves and headgear will be used for all weight categories and this equipment must have been approved and tested by USA Boxing and must meet or exceed the minimum standards for impact as set by USA Boxing. This equipment must have a printed label. The glove label must be located on the backside of both gloves, and the headgear label must be located on the back panel. 

8. Medical Exam a. Boxers must pass an annual medical exam and be declared “fit to box” with the following elements before being registered to box:

i. No history of uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure or chest pain. 

ii. No history of chronic headaches. 

iii. Blood pressure less than 145/90. 

iv. Graded exercise EKG every five (5) years beginning at age 45. 

v. Normal eye examination by an ophthalmologist every five (5) years. 

b. The passbook of the master boxer must contain the signature of the examining physician who performed their annual physical and the results placed on file with the LBC, along with the boxer’s registration application. A copy should also be placed in Masters passbook. The signature shall be entered in the appropriate section under annual physical examinations. c. Pre-bout examinations shall be the same as those performed on all other classifications of boxers.