Senior Corporal Norman S. Smith was a 14-year veteran with the Dallas Police Gang Unit, and served on the Dallas Police Department for 18 years. He was born in Fontainebleu, France in 1965, and graduated from the Duke of York in Dover, England before moving to Kaufman, Texas in 1980 to complete his final year of high school. After graduating, Senior Corporal Smith joined the Marines and served for four years before joining the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office as a jailer before joining the Dallas Police Department.

Senior Corporal Smith enjoyed spending time with his wife, Regina, either traveling the world or bonding over their shared hobbies of collecting antiques and tending to their garden. He enjoyed the simple things in life, and was known by fellow officers for his passion for life. Known as the “Big Russian” by his fellow officers, Senior Corporal Smith had a smile that lit up every room, and worked hard to mentor children in his community to foster ambition and keep them off the streets.

On Tuesday January 6, 2009, Senior Corporal Norman S. Smith was fatally shot and killed while he and fellow officers attempted to serve a felony warrant for aggravated assault. Senior Corporal Smith is survived by his wife and fellow officer, Regina; son, Karlis; daughter, Clenique; mother, Carolyn; and sister, Michelle.