Volunteer Firefighter Gregory M. Simmons served on the Sachse and Eastland Volunteer Fire Departments, and fully embodied his oath to serve others in his community. He was constantly volunteering his time to the community.

Whether it was working concession stands at community events, helping with the annual haunted house or serving as the “Oldest Water Boy in History” for Eastland High athletic teams and band, Firefighter Simmons was always willing to lend a hand to others. A father above all else, his favorite past times always involved his daughters Kateland and Karley, from watching the stars at night, to calling them during a busy day just to say “I love you.” His contagious smile is echoed in his daughters and remembered fondly by his wife, Carrie.

On Friday April 15, 2011, Volunteer Firefighter Gregory M. Simmons answered his final call with the Eastland Fire Department battling one of five wildfires that had ravaged the county. He gave his life doing what he loved and his efforts saved the town of Gorman. He is survived by his wife, Carrie, and his daughters, Kateland and Karley, who continue his legacy with their father’s same special smile.